Auralux: Constellations – Goljufije&Hack

Avtor | Avgusta 14, 2022

Auralux: Constellations features a slow, graceful feel, easy to learn mechanics and vibrant minimalistic graphics, all pulsing to the rhythm of ambient music. This game is designed to provide a relaxing, cerebral experience yet will challenge even the most experienced RTS fans.

Every choice matters, and the only path to victory is through clever strategy. It’s Real-Time Strategy, deconstructed.

– 150 unique levels, with a dozen new twists to classic Auralux gameplay
Play on the big screen with full Android TV functionality!
Online multiplayer with Google Play Games to wage planetary war against each other.
New modes and maps including black holes, supernovas and wormholes!
Native 4K, increased unit counts, and two free multiplayer maps for NVIDIA Shield players.

Auralux is real-time strategy in its purest formIt’s simple. It’s elegant. It’s slow and engrossing.– Kotaku

Auralux is a success. It distills the real-time-strategy game to its purest form.” – The A.V. Club

The later game introduces some very interesting mechanics though, such as black holes, gamma ray bursts, and orbiting planetsThere is something for everyone.– Techgage