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Avtor | Maj 27, 2023

Major Fishing League W(MFL) is a highly realistic first-person online multiplayer fishing simulator. Developed by avid fishing enthusiasts, you can enjoy the thrill of real fishing on your mobile.

Just download and play for free!

Compete with other players online in various events and competitions. (multi-play fishing clash)

★Highly realistic fishing game★
● Realistic fishing rods and equipment, and many realistic fishes around the world.
● Beautiful fishing spots with realistic graphics from around the world, including unique climatic conditions, landscapes and more. All fishing spots are based on real locations.
● Dynamic splashes, waves and ripples create a completely realistic fishing experience.

★ How to enjoy MFLW ★
● More fun when relaxing
● With the sound of the waves, you can calm your mind and be healed.
● You can play the game anytime, kjerkoli.
● Enjoy fishing with your friends.
● Various items such as realistic fishing rods, reels, rokavice, lures, buff cards, itd.
● Increase your stats by upgrading items
● Various fish can be collected in the aquarium to be admired and raised.
● Compete with your ability with control skills.
● You can see the secrets of fishing combat capture with their own fish of cute NPCs.
● Increase the score with strategic elements such as various sub content, puzzles and offline rewards.
● It is fun to collect fish into aquarium and grow into fish candy.
● 1: 1 Increase the rank through competition
● Take a plane and become a fishing rod pilot to proceed with the world of fishing and fantasy adventures in various countries.

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