Idle Hamster Energy – Goljufije&Hack

Avtor | November 20, 2021

Are you ready to manage your cute hamsters, and be a power tycoon?

Upgrade your hamsters for more power and more hamsters.Train your hamsters and let them do anything for you, even light up a city. The only simulation game that lets you collect pet hamsters and build an energy factory.

In this idle, tap tap and clicker game, ti lahko odkleni and discover lots of hamsters, and Charging items. Earn cash, buy upgrades, produce electricity faster and expand the map.

Lastnosti igre:
Automate your workflow to increase your idle income
Get idle cash, tudi ko ste brez povezave
Unlock all kinds of cute hamsters
Every hamster has a special tycoon effect
Expand your power plant and become a power tycoon

Download and play Hamster Energy today!

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