Ninja Wars: Heroes Rally – Goljufije&Hack

Avtor | December 22, 2022

[Hundred Ninjas Assembly Against the Shinobi Crisis]
[Ninja War: Heroes Rally] is an act & SLG card game that brings you back to those epic ninja battles. Over a hundred ninjas rally here to help you reach the top of the ninja world.Build the strongest ninja team and fight along with your heroes!

[Ninja Assembly Against the Shinobi Crisis]
Assembly your ninjas to participate in the 5V5 ninjutsu battle!

[Ninja Trial With Bountiful Resources]
Participate in the ninja trial every day to obtain tons of resources including copper coins, exp, rare ninjas, in tako naprej. Overflowed resources greatly speed up your training!

[Tame Tailed Beasts to Crush Your Enemies]
Tame Tailed Beasts to bomb your enemies !

[Join the Guild Battle to Fight Together for the Peak]
Join guild and participate in the guild battle to vie for resources and protect your allies. Live up to your Nindō for your guild and defeat rogue ninjas!