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Avtor | Avgusta 17, 2022

If you are looking for multiplayer online games, with PlayJoy you can make new friends, chat for free and enjoy the best online games ever. Med njimi: Parcheesi, Bingo, Chinchón and many more.

Bingo: Do you like playing bingo? Enjoy the legendary multiplayer online bingo, choose from the different themed rooms and select the online bingo cards you want to play. Give bingo cards to your friends as a token of your appreciation and win the jackpot of the best free bingo in Spain. Sign up for online bingo and have fun with this traditional game.

Parcheesi: The best free Parcheesi from the creators of 2 dice Parcheesi online. Choose your partner to play Parcheesi and defeat the opposing pair by taking all the pieces home. Have fun playing free Parcheesi with your family or friends and enjoy the online version of Parcheesi.

Dominoes: Considered to be one of the most popular board games, PlayJoy’s dominoes are played in pairs, giving you the chance to lean on your partner and strategise your game to beat the opposing pair. Participate in the dominoes ranking and complete the daily challenges to get free coins and experience. Play dominoes online, place all your dominoes on the ends before your opponents and score the most points. No matter if you lose the game playing dominoes, ask for a rematch and show who is the winner.

Uno Classic: The traditional online UNO Classic with friends, always exciting and fun. Run out of cards before everyone else and win the game.

Chinchon: Among the most played card games in Spain. The objective to win the game is to form chinchón, which refers to a straight of seven cards of the same suit. You can also win in chinchón against your opponents by eliminating them by points, you just have to beat the set limit. Chinchón is usually played with the Spanish deck of cards, but you can also play chinchón with the English pack of cards. Play Spanish chinchón for free.

Brisca: Brisca is a card game popular in Spain and Italy. The aim is to score as many points as possible by winning tricks. Enjoy Spanish brisca for free.

Tute: Known as a popular card game, tute is played with the Spanish bajara. With PlayJoy you can play tute for free and show your skills in the traditional game of tute. Play in pairs and sing the 40 with tute online.

CLUB PLAYJOY: Discover the PlayJoy Club, enhance your gaming experience and enjoy exclusive benefits.

CHAT WITHOUT STOPPING With PlayJoy chat you will find it easy to meet new people from all over the world by chatting through our group and private chats. You’ll never miss a message thanks to our real-time notifications.

PARTICIPATE AND WIN THE RANKING Complete daily and weekly challenges to climb the rankingsevery challenge has a prize!

GATHER YOUR FRIENDS Create your own friends list so you can play online with them whenever you want, meet new friends and invite them to play.

SHARE ON SOCIAL NETWORKS Share PlayJoy through your favourite social network so that your friends or family can join you and you can play the best multiplayer online games together.

We work every day to include new games. If you want us to develop your favourite game, don’t hesitate to send us an email to and we will consider it for future developments.

Want to play with us? Prenesi zdaj!

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