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Saunia e | Novema 23, 2021

Meet your destined match through your decisions. A romantic love story that moves back and forth between dream and reality.

📔 Ikemen Otome Story
After a terrible breakup with her boyfriend, Jaime finds a white phone amongst his belongings. Jaime ends up connecting to her dream through the strange app on the phone named ‘Dream Connectorwhere she ends up meeting a mysterious man

❤ Ikemen Otome Game Introduction
The game progresses through dialogue and your decisions determine Jaime’s destined match.
Complicated relationships that are determined by your choices. Your decisions will decide if you get to the bottom of the secrets of ‘Dream Connectorand who Jaime will end up with.

*Don’t miss any minor details. Everything is connected.
*Think hard about your relationship with other characters. It may affect your relationship with your desired match.
*Nothing is for certain. Filifili le mea e te manatu e sa'o. O lena mea o le a iloa ai lou lumanai.

🎮 Otome Taaloga Features
O se tala vaaia e faigofie lava mo soʻo se tasi e fiafia i ai ae faʻapea foʻi ma se tala loloto faʻamatalaga faʻataʻitaʻiga ma tala malie.
O se faiga ta'aloga faigofie ma se tala e fai ma vaisu! O au filifiliga e iloa ai le fa'ai'uga ma mea na ausia e fa'aopoopo atili ai le fiafia i le ta'aloga.

*O tusitusiga ma mataitusi e fausia ai se aafiaga loloto ma ootia.
*Fai au filifiliga ma iloa le suiga o tala ma le tele o faaiʻuga oe lava ia.
*Find hidden stories and achievements.

The love story of a dreamer. … This is your story.

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