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Na | Kukadzi 25, 2022

Crowd Sort is a fun and challenging puzzle liquid game! Try to sort the colored guys in the tubes until all colors are in the same color tubes? it’s like water sort puzzle. Be satisfied and entertained as you see the swarm of crowd move quickly to their color tubes.

• Easy To Learn, Hard To Master!
• One tap color sorting control.
• Unlimited corted undo!
• Extremely smooth puzzle gameplay! No need to wait for the crowd to finish moving, you can queue up multiple moves with that big brain!
• Night Mode. You can enable/disable it from the settings panel.
• A lot of unique sorting levels.
• Easy kutamba, zvakaoma kugona!
• No time limit puzzle game, just enjoy the game and play sorting puzzle as long as you want.

• To begin sortingTap any lane to move the crowd to another color tubes,
• The rule is that people only move to the other lane if it is empty or they can see the same colored crowd runners at the end of the new lane.
• If you get stuck or misclick while sorting, you can always undo your move or restart the puzzle game level!
• Enjoy and watch the hordes of tiny people collide and interact as the flow like water color sorted from one lane to the next color tubes.

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Crowd Sort is a fun and challenging brainteaser like sorted liquid game! Tap to swarm of crowd move quickly to their tubes. Download sorter brain teaser game! Sort it now!