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Na | Nyamavhuvhu 15, 2022

Rummy Palace – Your community for the popular card game on your smartphone and tablet.

Enjoy the classic card combination fun online and with real opponents! Comparable to games such as Phase 10, Bridge, or Kalooki, Rummy requires above all brains and tactical skill. You can now experience it online, zvemahara, and without ads in one of the largest card game communities online.

Whether you are a hardcore fan or a casual player, with us, you will always find an opponent at eye level. The joy of playing cards is our priority, and we invite you over to our Rummy tables.

Play live against real opponents at any time.
Experience an active community of players.
Chat with other card game fans.

Nyore kutamba
No need to register; just start playing.
Enjoy direct play thanks to automatic player search.
Sort cards at the touch of a button.

Use original Rummy playing cards or house cards with optimized legibility.
Choose your card deck: ChiFrench, Tournament, German …
Discover various special rules: Knocking, 40 Points for First Meld, Short Deck, uye zvakawanda.
Play according to your personal preferences with your own rules.

We provide constant support by our customer service team.
Our card shuffling is independently tested and reliable.
The privacy settings at the Rummy Palace are flexibly adjustable.

Gain experience and level up.
Rummy is stress relief and memory training in one.
Make your way through the league up to the top 10.
In tournaments and at long-lasting tables, you can boost your endurance.

Rummy is a card game for at least two players with a double card deck, including Jokers. You aim to get rid of your hand cards before your opponents do. To do so, you can play your cards as groups or rows and swap them for Jokers later on. The round ends once a player discards their last card onto the discard pile. Zvadaro, it is time to count the points. And here goes the next round!

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You can download this app for free. It is permanently completely free to play. Zvisinei, you can purchase optional game enhancements such as game chips, premium membership, and special playing cards within the game.
The game requires an active internet connection.
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Rummy is mainly intended for an adult audience. According to German law, Rummy is not a gambling game. In our app, there is no real money and no real prizes to win. Practice or success in casino games without real winnings (“Social Casino Games”) does not imply future success in games for real money.

Rummy Palace is a product by Spiele-Palast GmbH (Palace of Cards). Playing with family, shamwari, or dedicated groups is one of the favorite pastimes for many people! Our mission is to give this joy of playing a digital home at the Palace of Cards and build a lively community of players through high-quality implementations of online card games.

♣️ ♥️ We wish you a good hand ♠️ ♦️
Your Rummy Palace Team