Steering Wheel Evolution – Kubiridzira&Kugura

Na | Gunyana 13, 2022

Steering wheel evolution is a fun racing game where you get to steer the wheel, drive to evolve and collect the coolest race cars!

Become a racing master and with the help of the wheel, collect more money and on the way to victory enjoy the shape-shifting of the wheel that will evolve in the coolest car at the end!

In Steering wheel evolution, you’ll be able to collect the most insane steering wheels out there and build yourself an amazing race car collection. Get the best steering wheels, customize them, customize the cars, drive to evolve and improve your collection!

You can also sell some of the cars from your collection. Choose the race cars you want to sell and make more money out of them!
This game is super cool and fun, just like the hyper drift, level up cars, car stunt master and many race car games.

Are you ready to steer the car wheel?