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Twisted Lovestruck : otome – Kubiridzira&Kugura

If you want to go back, run before the moon rises! Deep in the forest where humans can’t step, here “they” are!Twisted Lovestruck: fantasy romance, find out the secrets hidden underneath the forbidden forest! Meet the love endings that depend on your choices! ▶Game Introduction Storytaco’s another romantic otome game. Twisted Lovestruck: fantasy romance is… Verenga Zvakawanda »

Snowkissed RomanceOtome – Kubiridzira&Kugura

NOTICE: Snowkissed Romance is in the process of being Revamped! To support the effort, consider checking out our Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/lovelyinc_otome *Lovely Inc’s Debut App!* REQUIRES OS8+ Become entranced in the wonderful world of romance. Choose your path, hear his voice, fall in loveLovely, Inc. is an Otome gaming company made BY Otome fans just… Verenga Zvakawanda »

My Magical Boyfriend: Otome – Kubiridzira&Kugura

■Synopsis■ Your beloved grandfather just made you the manager of his apartment complex, but between its bad reputation and strange phenomena, the building is in danger of being demolished… As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, you quickly discover that the complex is a hub for magical beings from distant realms! Now it’s up… Verenga Zvakawanda »

IkemenSengoku Otome Anime Game – Kubiridzira&Kugura

Play one of the top free otome anime games in English!You’ve just nabbed your dream job as a fashion designer when you’re sent hurtling back in time to an alternate version of Sengoku era Japan! After accidentally changing history by saving the warlord Nobunaga Oda from near death, you must survive 3 months surrounded by… Verenga Zvakawanda »

Forest of Destiny: Otome – Kubiridzira&Kugura

■Synopsis■ Working at your stepfather’s real estate company gets a lot more complicated when three animal spirits reveal themselves to you. Calling themselves Protectors of the Sacred Forest, they come in search of a new Forest Guardian and the means to save their home from impending destruction. Things turn explosive in more ways than one… Verenga Zvakawanda »

The Kabuki Phantom: Otome Game Cheats&Kugura

■ Synopsis ■ You’ve fallen into a rut after finishing college, so when your beloved uncle invites you to apprentice at his kabuki playhouse in Tokyo, you jump at the opportunity to try something new. Before long, you find yourself swept up in the colorful world of Japanese dance-drama alongside your new colleagues—two captivating actors… Verenga Zvakawanda »