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Rocky Red Panda’s Supermarket – Kubiridzira&Kugura

Let’s help Rocky and Mommy Red Pandas in this supermarket game for kids. Rocky Red Panda’s Supermarket is a fantastic educational shopping game for kids that allows your kids to develop multiple skills, including fine motor, counting, matching, kusika, geometrical figures, colors, names of fruits and vegetables, kutarisa, nezvimwe zvakawanda. All the mini-games available… Verenga Zvakawanda »

Baby Panda’s Kids Puzzles – Kubiridzira&Kugura

Try out these puzzles for kids aged 3+! The numerous images and different levels of difficulty can meet the needs of kids at different ages and stages. You’ll love them! NUMEROUS BEAUTIFUL IMAGES36 colorful free puzzles in four themes: Food, art, nature, and profession. Makeke, mota, mhuka dzinovaraidza, parties, and more of the things that kids… Verenga Zvakawanda »

Little Panda’s Sushi Kitchen – Kubiridzira&Kugura

Today you are going to experience a new career as a sushi kitchen manager! Your job is to run the sushi kitchen, cook delicious Japanese cuisine, and serve hungry guests! RICH INGREDIENTSLet’s see what ingredients you have! Fish roe, nori, salmon, and salad dressing…100 kinds of fresh ingredients from the sushi kitchen! There are also… Verenga Zvakawanda »

Baby Panda’s Kitchen Party – Kubiridzira&Kugura

Highly skilled kitchen utensils are invited to the kitchen party, and they will compete on cooking skills. Vana, please come and help! COOKING PREPARATION What ingredients do we need? Let’s get vegetables ready first! Cut carrots and tomatoes into slices. What are we going to do with lettuce? Just pick off the leaves! And then… Verenga Zvakawanda »