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Lightning Princess: Idle RPG – Kubiridzira&Kugura

Lightning Princess GRAND OPEN! Claim up to Rubies x66,500 and SS tier 1★ boots x1 by participating in the 7-Day Challenge Event! ⚡The Raging Lightning Princess charges for the throne!⚡ ▪ The electrifying action RPG of the raging Lightning Princess!▪ Smash the Seal Stone! Crush the boss! Overpower and destroy!▪ Breeze past stages relentlessly using… Verenga Zvakawanda »

Shop Legends: Tycoon RPG – Kubiridzira&Kugura

Pick up where your adventures left off and embark on a journey of legendsUpon your graduation from the most prestigious shopkeeping academy, you received an invitation from your uncle’s best friend, Jacque. Your uncle has mysteriously vanished, leaving the once most renowned shop unattended. Zvino, it’s time for you to step up and inherit… Verenga Zvakawanda »

[Premium] RPG Astrune Academy – Kubiridzira&Kugura

Embark on a thrilling journey with magical girls in the enchanting world of Astrune Academy! Discover the tale of aspiring sorcerers at this towering academy in the Sternship region. Engage in the daily life of the magic academy, complete assignments, and strive to become a skilled sorcerer. With a campus filled with a school shop,… Verenga Zvakawanda »

Dark Slayer Idle RPG – Kubiridzira&Kugura

★Pre-registration Gift Event Ongoing★Pre-register the game and claim the gift for faster growth!*Pre-registration Gift: Diamonds*30000, Golden Goblin Plaque*7 The world is riddled with zombies! That means it needs a hero to save it!You have the power to be the hero and save the world! ★ Game Features ★Stylish Action with Three Weapon Types:… Verenga Zvakawanda »

War Three Kingdoms : Idle RPG Cheats&Kugura

Become a hero in a chaotic world and unify the world!War Three Kingdoms is a vertical idle collection RPG game set in the Three Kingdoms. [Enjoy it comfortably]-Rich offline rewards for effortless growth fun-A gorgeous and refreshing battle to enjoy in full auto!-Quickly attack with auto battle x AFK x skip function! [Collect Legendary Heroes… Verenga Zvakawanda »

LaTale M: SideScrolling RPG Cheats&Kugura

The best MMORPG in history~ Claim an Exclusive Pet 「Button Bunny」and deluxe gifts that make dungeons easier and clearance faster! The popular 2D Side-Scrolling MMORPG LaTale Online comes to mobile as LaTale M! Immerse yourself in the absorbingly written storyline and embark on a nostalgic journey with classic classes. Kura nesimba, raise your pets, join… Verenga Zvakawanda »