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By | May 23, 2023

Set in the near future, Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a 3D science-fiction RPG-shooter. Powered by the Unreal 4 engine, Snowbreak offers a next-generation gaming experience cross-platform, with your progress shared across all of your devices.

The arrival of the Titans, the “”First Descent”” of 2057, took a vibrant city and left in its place the devastated wasteland of Containment Zone Aleph. Mankind’s response came quickly, a select few enkindled with the spirits of the Gods, “”Manifestations””, were found and brought together as the Heimdall Force, a paramilitary raised to fight the Titans. And you are Adjutant to the force. Heavily armed, you enter the Containment Zone again and again, seeking the means to bring this bitter winter to its end…

[Hybrid Combat]
Snowbreak’s weaponry injects an element of realism into a science fiction world, offering players access to guns designed to closely simulate how firearms technology might advance in the coming thirty years. This edge of realism sits in contrast with Snowbreak’s skill mechanic, an RPG-like element that brings the Containment Zone’s otherworldly-ness back to the fore.

[The Titan’s Might]
Strong as they are, the operatives of the Heimdall Force may not possess the power to defeat the Titans. The sheer scale of the foe, the crushing blows rained down from above, it takes real finesse to fell a single Titan… you must learn to fight defensively, snipe at weak points, dodge attacks no living thing could ever hope to endure… through perseverance, perhaps victory is possible… and if it is, turn up the difficulty and off you go again…

[Power Made Manifest]
Bring together the Manifestations, put their powers to the test in combat. Train them and equip them, send out balanced squads of three on daring missions. Come to know the operatives as friends, learn about their foibles and their darknesses, their perseverance and unextinguished hope. Bond, and bear together things that none of you could ever hope to bear alone.

[Gigalink the Co-op Modes]
Be a loner if you must, but know the Gigalink provides another path. Join with friends and face the Titans side-by-side, become together what none of you could ever be alone.

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