Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef – Khiyaamo&Hack

Cook and serve delicious meals to hungry pets! Manage your own restaurant and become the master chef of the pets! If you like cooking games you will love Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef where all the cooksadventures begin! Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef is a restaurant game that combines the management of a kitchen’s simulator with… Akhri wax dheeraad ah »

Magaaladeyda : My Friend’s House Cheats&Hack

Ku Soo Dhawoow Magaaladayda: My Friend’s House where you get to create your own stories, pretend-play exciting adventures and so much more! Magaaladeyda: My Friend’s house is filled with lots of new characters, fun rooms and locations and lots of interactable accessories just ready for you to discover, explore and pretend-play with. Make sure… Akhri wax dheeraad ah »

Falling Stickman Ragdoll 2D – Khiyaamo&Hack

Falling Stickman Ragdoll 2D is a physics ragdoll simulation game, Perform death-defying vehicle stunts; crash into walls; break bones to pieces, bleed continuously, and destroy everything. 😬😬😬 Hold and release the dismount button to get the momentum to push the stickman from the highest ladder to the bottom, hitting a lot of obstacles, and creating… Akhri wax dheeraad ah »