Monthly Archives: Maarso 2023

Infinite Stairs – Khiyaamo&Hack

Arcade game loved around the world with over 12 million downloads to date!Infinite Stairs is addictive. Before you know it, you’re hooked!Bust out new records with your nimble skills!Who’s faster? You or your friend?! Tilmaamaha ciyaarta:– Simple controls.Set new records with your hand agility and dexterity!– Fun characters and retro-graphics, just like the good… Akhri wax dheeraad ah »

Brainzzz – Khiyaamo&Hack

Brainzzz is a collection of classic little games with thousands of levels of different difficulties, which includes OneLine,Flow, Sudoku, ColorFill, Maze, Jigsaw and other puzzle games. It´s a game lobby that will bring your fun and recreation. The Brainzzz invite you to participate: OneLineClassic strokes, a slide to the end of the game adaptation, a… Akhri wax dheeraad ah »

The Tale of Food – Khiyaamo&Hack

Soo ururi 100 interactive characters personified by Chinese food and fight together as you embark on a new saga! ▶A Fantasy Adventure◀Embark on a 2-million-word fantasy adventure as the descendant of the Food God. Collect and nurture Food Souls as you explore time and space! Interact with them closely and record every precious moment. ▶Incredible… Akhri wax dheeraad ah »