Monster World Trainers – Khiyaamo&Hack

Waxaa qoray | Maarso 30, 2023

Become a monster pet trainer! Explore the joy of becoming a master of monster manipulation and discover new worlds. This is an exciting 3D anime RPG game that takes you from the safety of your house to the lush wilderness as you catch, train and upgrade more than 200 wuxuush. Form teams that are strategic and well-rounded for battle, then challenge other trainers to win coins for you to use for upgrading your monsters even further.
In this lush, 3D anime RPG world, be amazed by vivid colors and animation that hail back to the classic nostalgic anime GAME. Along with familiar characters, many other monsters will teleport your memories back to your childhood days. Engage with friends and foes alike in duels and serious battles, compete to catch monsters before others do, or train your monsters to their most evolved forms as you hunt for powerful souls. You won’t know what kind of team your opponents will field, so you’ll either have to try your luck or do some research before challenging them! Whoever wins the battle gets ownership of the gym!
Come on and explore the digital 3D pets world to fulfill the dream of be a pets master and have a lot fun in the idle daily time!

Enjoy yourself in the vivid-3D world with Features below:
-Increase your battle power and pets
-Defeat the evil Kingdom in an immersive RPG story game
-Explore new maps, weydiimo, and stories
-New Rare Monster Pets
-Start playing Pets Wars right now
-You can battle online against players worldwide.
-Catch and train dozens of pets.
-Free to play offline, or online!
-Explore a 3D world filled with hundreds of monsters and their evolution ingredients
-Catch pets to add to your team of monsters
-Battle other players in epic turn-based 3v3 battles!
-Become the grand champion by conquering all gyms.
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-Search for pets to add to your team of monsters.
-Explore an epic adventure, catch rare pets, and collect powerful abilities.

Travel in the wonderful 3D world of monster pets and become the champion! Hada soo dejiso!