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Devil Hunter Idle – Khiyaamo&Hack

Feel the trilling action battle and reduce the fatigue with the simple control system.Cultivate your character through the various action-linked systems. – Enjoy the action idle RPG game with simple controlWipe out the enemies on the hack and slash battleFeel the thrilling action pleasure through avoidance, parrying, and counter systemSet the detailed… Akhri wax dheeraad ah »

Demon Hunter: Shadow World – Khiyaamo&Hack

Waa in uu isku dayo ciyaarta hack kasta iyo taageere jeexjeex ah oo mar hore ku caajisay badhamada si miyir la'aanta ah u jajabinaya shaashadda. Demon hunter is an action-packed dark fantasy hack and slash game with an incredible combat system and awesome boss fights, assisted by a one of a kind character control mechanism and a… Akhri wax dheeraad ah »

Jewel Hunter – Tartan 3 Khiyaamada Ciyaaraha&Hack

💎Welcome to JEWEL HUNTERThe Fun & Cool Match 3 Puzzle GameHunt treasures in a jewelry world with TONS of addictive and exciting adventures! ★ A popular game loved by both children and adultsdevelops logic!★ Free game that you can play without internetanytime anywhere! TRY this match-3 puzzle game full of precious… Akhri wax dheeraad ah »