Speed Car Racing – New 3D Car Games 2021 Cheats&Hack

By | September 24, 2021

The most marketable drift game in history!
Warning! Be careful! Speed Car Racing game is enough to attract you to play for a few hours, don’t forget to take a rest!

Speed Car Racing is a fun real classic racing game with top 3D graphics and high quality, bringing you the ultimate visual enjoyment. It has gathered more than 50 super classic sports cars equipped with top equipment, you can customize to create a car that reflects your personal style, participate in exciting speed races, overtake corners, and use your superb driving skills to conquer the competition, Until exhausted, win an epic record race, and create your ace club to become a track legend!

Experience the Growth of a Legendary Driver
-Speed Car Racing can give you a unique experience when driving a car in a simple and intuitive way.
-If you like drift, get ready and spend a few hours reflecting the game.
-Use the handbrake to start your drift.
-Doughnut tire burning!
-Gorgeous drift smoke animation.

-Experience speed
Feel your car at the absolute limit of adhesion around an oblique elliptical track of about 1 to 4 miles. Earn in-game cash to buy, upgrade, repair and adjust your stock car. Eligible to unlock new tracks to increase the bonus.

-Real-time multiplayer racing
Race against your friends, win bonuses and championship points, and enter the online leaderboard.

-Real crash physics
Simulate car damage with sparks and smoke to provide a more realistic racing experience.

-Customize your inventory car
Design your stock car with team colors, hood decals and car numbers in Paintshop.

-Upgrade your inventory car
The engine, tires and chassis can improve the overall performance of the car.

-Set up your inventory car
Allows you to make advance adjustments to adjust tire pressure and car suspension settings for race trimming.

Hot wheels spin! The quick battle begins!