Battle of Warplanes: War-Games – Mashtrime&Hack

Nga | Mund 18, 2023

The game is one of the best shooting action simulators.

✈ Stunning Graphics:
Magnificent graphics, as in PC games seen on steam: full 3d realistic models of military airplanes.

✈ Online Multiplayer:
Online gaming and fights against pilots from all around the world: US, GB, Gjermani, Rusia, Brazili,Turqia, Pakistan and many others.

✈ Lots of warplanes:
– 20 types of combat aircrafts: real-world models used in real operations: Falcon, F22 Raptor, SU, F18, dhe shumë të tjera.

✈ Military sky combat:
Each plane has the own secondary weapon and unique characteristics and capabilities

✈ Possibility to upgrade:
Possibility to upgrade and customize your plane to turn it into a “superior weapon of war

✈ Air combats as you like:
Dynamic battles full of non-stop action.

✈ Amazing battlefields:
– Vendndodhje mahnitëse: mountains and hot deserts filled with iron birds, supersonic fighters and crossfire of bullets.

✈ Easy controls:
Full jet control: in our simulator you can control the speed, raketa, armët. Perform landings and take-off from a carrier, become a wargame ace.

✈ Action with friends:
Non-stop action: select a deathmatch, team battle, to battle with friends! A great flying game if you like shooters, speed or wargames!


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