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Merge Fantasy : Dungeon Master Cheats&Hack

Merge Fantasy: Dungeon Master is a strategy merge game where you merge your heroes to conquer dungeons.Collect, shkrihet, and upgrade heroes to higher tiers to conquer dungeons!🦸🦹🧙Deploy your melee and ranged heroes strategically to win battles. Collect more heroes and upgrade them to conquer dungeons!Get Dungeon Master for free and face its challenges!👍⚔️🏹💰About Merge Fantasy:... Lexo më shumë »

Dungeon Dungeon : Mbijetesa – Mashtrime&Hack

Shume kohe me para, the dungeons unleashed endless hordes of monsters that drove mankind to the brink of destruction.Until one day, brave heroes with powerful skills sacrificed their lives to seal the dungeons away, bringing peace to mankind.Hundreds of years have passed since then. Tani, the seals have weakened, and one by one the dormant dungeons have… Lexo më shumë »

Dungeon VS Gunner – Mashtrime&Hack

Dungeons suddenly appeared all over the world, what dark force was behind this. Explore the dungeons and uncover the mystery behind. Explore the random dungeon, collect any weapons, dodge bullets and shoot‘em all up! Extremely fun gameplay, mixed with rogue-like elements and easy control, super nice graphics. Karakteristikat:* 3 Unique heroes.* 50+ weapons waiting for… Lexo më shumë »

Neko Dungeon: Puzzle RPG – Mashtrime&Hack

Join the world of Nekos, fight through dungeons, avoid traps, kill unique bosses, equip and upgrade new weapons and spells to be the greatest NEKO! Karakteristikat: – Powerful and brave kitties.Tons of chests (some might actually try to kill you).– 3×3 Puzzle/RPG.Fight your way through a ton of different stages.Spend gold and… Lexo më shumë »