SSSnaker – Ho qhekella&Ho qhekella

Ka | Hlakubele 31, 2023

Bob Staples

I love the game. Quite fun. BUT unfortunately the game keeps crashing. I get to the boss and the screen goes black. I try restarting and resuming progress and get the same thing. Can’t even fight the second world due to crashing. Would love to keep playing, but cannot and I guess that means I lose the new player bonus too. Such a shame. Will come back maybe.

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Sebapadi se ratehang, please send your game ID and the problem you are experiencing to Our customer service staff will check and deal with it.

Bob Ma

The game mechanics are fun, but it gets board quickly. Only few upgrades is good enough to choose. The difficulty of the level rises with a strong sense of ladder. If the your ATK is not enough, no matter how good the operation is, it’s impossible to fight through. The daily levels are too slow to open, and it’s frustrate that you cannot progress anything in main quests and have no way to improve yourself.

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Lumela! We have passed your feedback to our technical team! Your feedback is very important to us and your opinion is the cornerstone of our progress! Thanks again for your feedback!

Rusty Shackleford

Pretty good game. The only major thing holding it back is how much the difficulty ramps up after the first few 4-5 mekhahlelo. If you want to make progress at a fun pace without having to drop money this game will not let you do that. You will make progress at an extremely slow pace. Unless you want to spend money expect to play the same levels over and over again until you get enough material so you can level up your equipment so you can barely beat the level and do it over again on the next level.

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Hello, dear player, the difficulty of the level will continue to increase with the increase of chapters, we will continue to optimize the difficulty of the game in the future, and improve the game experience of the players. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.Best wishes to you.