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Text Express: Word Adventure – Ho qhekella&Ho qhekella

🏆The winner of Best Mobile Puzzle Game at Pocket Gamer Awards 2022! Play Text Express: Word Adventurea new genre defining game that combines word search puzzles🔍, interactive stories 📚 and epic adventures🚂! Join Tilly, a brave and smart young woman, as she travels in her old train to wonderful destinations, and discover how… Bala Haholoanyane »

Pucca Puzzle Adventure – Ho qhekella&Ho qhekella

Puzzle RPG Adventure with Lovely Pucca! 3 lilemong tse fetileng, the cosmic villain Dong King led his army to the Earth.Dong King began to distribute low-quality food that can control the people’s minds.People who consumed Dong King’s food soon became mindless minions of Dong King.Dong King’s army reached Suga Island, Pucca’s home.With the help of chefs… Bala Haholoanyane »

Timberman The Big Adventure – Ho qhekella&Ho qhekella

Timberman is an epic single or 2 player co-op game where you must save the forest from an evil corporation. You’ll need to work together as Timberman and his trusty sidekick, Mr Bear, to rescue his friends and complete a variety of challenging levels. Timberman is back in his new 2D side-scroller platform adventure!Follow our… Bala Haholoanyane »

Alpaca Farm! Animal Adventure – Ho qhekella&Ho qhekella

Get ready to build the most exciting alpaca empire! Take care of amazing alpacas. Build and expand your farm. Beat the competition in exciting trade shows. You will build an alpaca paradise, with stables, shearing rooms, spa, fitness room, … All your amazing animals generate lots of wool, that you craft into fashionable wares for… Bala Haholoanyane »