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Spades: Classic Card Games – ஏமாற்றுக்காரர்கள்&ஊடுருவு

Play the BEST FREE Spades card game on your Android device, made by MobilityWare — தி #1 card and parlor game developer! This is the classic game of Spades but with a fresh new look on Google Play, featuring brand new goals for you to reach! If you enjoy card games like Hearts, Rummy, Euchre… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Numpuz: Classic Number Games – ஏமாற்றுக்காரர்கள்&ஊடுருவு

Numpuz is one of the most downloaded Puzzle games with more than 100,000,000 installs. Numpuz: Number Riddle is a classic math puzzle game. Tap and move the wood number tiles, enjoy the magic of digit, coordinate your eyes, hands and brain. Challenge your logic and brainpower, have fun and enjoy it! How to play Numpuz? Sliding puzzle game… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Sonic CD Classic – ஏமாற்றுக்காரர்கள்&ஊடுருவு

Time travel to save the world in SEGA’s highly acclaimed Sonic platformer that introduced Amy Rose and Metal Sonic! Past, present, and future collide as Sonic battles to rescue Amy Rose and recover the seven Time Stones! Travel through time to defeat Dr. Eggman and his fiendish creation, Metal Sonic. Sonic CD is part of… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Jigsaw Puzzle CrownClassic Cheats&ஊடுருவு

ஓய்வெடுங்கள், enjoy and train your brain with Puzzle Crown, a classic jigsaw puzzle game with 1000’s of high quality picture puzzles in variety of different collections suitable for every taste and preference. Puzzle Crown offers lots and lots of premium and free jigsaw puzzle packs, daily free gift puzzles and you can even build your… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Piano Game: Classic Music Song Cheats&ஊடுருவு

Unleash your musical talent with Piano Game: Classic Music Song! Tap the tiles in the beautiful classical piano music melody. You can feel the thrill and excitement in the ever-accelerating rhythm. It has a minimal picture and perfect sound quality. You can feel the charm of the piano here! Whether you are a piano lover… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG Cheats&ஊடுருவு

ஆராயுங்கள், சண்டை, LOOTIn this nostalgia fueled, free to play RPG: explore a new world, enjoy turn-based combat, and collect loot to create the perfect build to conquer your enemies. Build your origin town as a home base and set forth on your adventure across a hand-crafted game world. Uncover the story of a fallen land,… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

SudokuClassic Sudoku Puzzle Cheats&ஊடுருவு

Enjoy the free Sudoku puzzle game for people who are a fresh start and advanced! Thousands of sudoku puzzles to solve. Download and start the daily challenge! The SudokuSudoku puzzle, Brain game, Number game is a kind of cool math games, and it has many different Sudoku puzzles and contains four different levels:… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Bubble Bobble 2 classic – ஏமாற்றுக்காரர்கள்&ஊடுருவு

Bubblun, Bobblun, Kululun, Cororon have been cursed by Superdrunk after reading the sealed book then turned to bubble dragon and trapped in the world of the book.It is an action game that selecting one of 4 character with different ability by shooting bubbles to trap the enemy, then pop it with horns or scales to… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Dino Zone Classic – ஏமாற்றுக்காரர்கள்&ஊடுருவு

Cat Nigiri’s classic, action-packed strategy game from 2012 is back to the shelves! Dino Zone is set in the late Cretaceous Period, when a small team of time-travelling scientists face the wrath of Professor Nigel Racik and a stampede of furious dinosaurs under his control. The distinct touch-based control of the arsenal is just one… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Solitaire Classic Era Games – ஏமாற்றுக்காரர்கள்&ஊடுருவு

சொலிடர், the classic solo card game, comes to your phone with Solitaire Classic Era! ? Play free solitaire with new game modes, options and customized cards. ♥️ Card games are a great way to enjoy your free time, and Solitaire Classic Era gives you fun, customizable way to enjoy it! ♣️ Don’t miss this soiltare… மேலும் வாசிக்க »