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ASTROKINGS: Spaceship Wars & Space Strategy Cheats&ஊடுருவு

[ASTROKINGS] X [STARGATE] EVENT!Members of the STARGATE universe await you in the world of ASTROKINGS! Join forces with key STARGATE SG-1 characters such as Teal’C , Samantha Carter, and Daniel Jackson, among many others!Take control of the powerful Odyssey flagship and defend the galaxy! Log-in during the Collaboration period and get S-Grade Hero [Vala Mal… மேலும் வாசிக்க »


– 2018 Awarded the Grand Prize for Indie Game of the Year! (Reference: https://youtu.be/ieu3vnqS9hk)– 2018 Google Indie Game Festival Top 3 selection! (Reference: https://youtu.be/hTqberRCVLE) The end of the universe is near, travel for survival in ‘Cosmic Wars: The Galactic Battle’. Cosmic Wars is a casual space-strategy RPG with PvP! You must build your ship, battle… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Fable Wars: Epic Puzzle RPG Cheats&ஊடுருவு

Traverse the enchanted forest in Fable Wars unique take on a card puzzle RPG game! Put together a team of fable heroes and save the fantasy world by defeating the enemies in a series of thrilling puzzle quests. Build your card collection and assemble a team of legendary heroes! ⚔️ Make your way through fantasy… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Spooky WarsBattle Castle Defense Strategy Game Cheats&ஊடுருவு

Spooky Wars is a game mixing tower defense (TD) and strategy mechanics with action elements. Your objective is to lead your army of spooky legends to victory. You build a deck, assemble your troops and build your castle to crush your enemies. Save your troops! Save your castle! Save the Kingdom! A fast pacing strategy… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars – ஏமாற்றுக்காரர்கள்&ஊடுருவு

Immerse yourself in the rich world of Stormbound, as four kingdoms struggle for dominance. Construct a deck of unique and powerful cards and then dive into real-time battles against other players. Novel gameplay combines your favorite aspects of collectible card games with the tactical strategy of board games. Play cards from your hand to the… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Bid Wars StarsMultiplayer Auction Battles Cheats&ஊடுருவு

When storage lockers go unpaid, their contents go up for auction to the highest bidder. If you have what it takes, the next forgotten treasure could be yours! Are you up for the risk? Welcome to Storage Battles, a virtual Auction Bidding game that puts you up against other players in real time. Pick the… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Star Wars™: KOTOR – ஏமாற்றுக்காரர்கள்&ஊடுருவு

• Please note that Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ for Android has not been slimmed down for mobile in any way. It is the full KOTOR experience! As such the file size is quite large, so please be patient when downloading. • Choose Your Path! It is four thousand years before the Galactic… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

STAR WARS™: KOTOR II – ஏமாற்றுக்காரர்கள்&ஊடுருவு

Five years after the events from the award winning Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic™, the Sith Lords have hunted the Jedi to the edge of extinction and are on the verge of crushing the Old Republic. With the Jedi Order in ruin, the Republic’s only hope is a lone Jedi struggling to reconnect… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Cheats&ஊடுருவு

Live your Star Wars™ dreams as you fight with your favorite dark and light side heroes across iconic locations to become master of the galaxy. Create and customize your dream squad using characters from every era, including new characters from Star Wars™: The Force Awakens, Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story and Star Wars™: The… மேலும் வாசிக்க »

Hero Wars – Hero Fantasy Multiplayer Battles Cheats&ஊடுருவு

Unlock skills and battle enemies with Hero Wars, the ultimate roleplaying online fantasy game. Fight enemies, Archdemon and his evil army, in epic PvP arena battles, and collect the strongest heroes in Dominion along the way. The epic AFK battle adventure awaits! Power up your heroes, unlock skills, train your army and forge a guild.… மேலும் வாசிக்க »