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AFK Journey – Cheats&Hack

AFK Journey is a 3D world-based strategy card RPG. In Esperia, a world that looks like a fantasy picture book, you will banish the Miasma with your companions and create your own legends! Your companions are already waiting for you at the tavern. Let’s go! – Explore Esperia freely this time!Embark on your own legendary… Read More »

7Billion Zombies – AFK Heros Cheats&Hack

☆free coupon☆[welcome] [super] [candy] [100+100] [220422] [cafe25000] [220601] [cafe30000] [cafe40000] Commander!The whole world is filled with zombies.Command the most powerful team in the world,who members had special reactions to the virus, to eradicate zombies all across the world. ▣ Special Launch Event ▣▶ Event: 210x Open Just log in and participate in the Arena 5… Read More »