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Random Dice: Wars – Cheats&Hack

Welcome to Alea. This is a place where Dice battle each other to conquer the opponent’s tower.Summon Dice each round and fight for victory. Build your deck and gather the warriors for the grand march!Use Dice with different sizes, skills, and attack methods to overwhelm the opponent! ■ Real-time one-on-one PvP battle with players around… Read More »

Dice Versa – Cheats&Hack

WINNER OF THE GTMK GAME JAM 2022! Due to circumstances beyond your control, you have found yourself in a battle for your soul against Versa, the Demon of Luck. Play her tricky dice matching game for the chance to cheat death… at least for a little while longer. ABOUTDice Versa is logic game inspired by… Read More »