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Junkyard Keeper – Cheats&Hack

Run your legendary junkyard and keep finding treasures! Drive your collecting truck and clean up the different kinds of garbage in the huge junkyard: steel garbage, food scraps and more! Transport the garbage back to your base, recycle it and turn it into money! Meanwhile, you’ll be scouring the junkyard for the hidden treasures and… Read More »

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper – Cheats&Hack

———————————-A New Chapter Begins!———————————- RELIVE your favorite FINAL FANTASY moments in FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper!Fight with your favorite FINAL FANTASY heroes, battle through classic FINAL FANTASY moments, restore the lost memories and save the world once again. ———————————-FEATURES———————————- Classic Scenes Reborn in Pixel Form– Midgar, Zanarkand, Cocoon…the Record Dungeons contain full pixel art remakes of… Read More »