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Baby Manor: Baby Raising Simulation & Home Design Cheats&Hack

🍼 Welcome to Baby Manor: Baby Raising Simulation & Home Design!👼Raise Babe Project, Makeover story Project, Design & Renovate old mansion, Match 3 puzzle? YES! Baby Manor is all this. Bobby’s father-in-law seems not like Bobby😭, and stewardess Sarah has to leave home to work from time to time. Can Bobby design his new home… Read More »

Raising Archangel: AFK Angel Adventure Cheats&Hack

A simple and addictive idle RPG is here!Meet your fast growing Angel ▶ IDLE Growth RPG that adds fun; action and simple control – Easy operation and auto hunting!Minimize taps and clicks! Let’s have fun thanks to an easy and fast progress! – Archangel’s spectacular swordsmanship action!Strong with automatic skills! A Death knight and a… Read More »