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A Villain’s Twisted Heart: Otome Romance Game Cheats&Hack

■Synopsis■ Since childhood, you’ve had the strange ability to breathe life into the words you read aloud. You recognized the dangerous potential of this gift long ago and swore never to use it — until a hooded stranger forces you to summon chaos into this world, and you accidentally read three handsome, familiar characters to… Read More »

My Elemental Prince – Remake: Otome Romance Game Cheats&Hack

■ Synopsis ■ Welcome to Paracelsa, the breathtaking home of elemental spirits! A massive wave hit your college classroom and washed you up on these sunny shores. Luckily, three handsome men harnessing the powers of fire, water, and air have offered to help you get home. But that goal seems more unattainable when the Oracle… Read More »

Blood Moon Calling: Vampire Otome Romance Game Cheats&Hack

■ Synopsis ■ Your comfortable life is shattered by the disappearance of your father and the spread of a mysterious scourge. While searching for a cure, a dangerous vampire lord steals you away for some unknown purpose and introduces you to a world of night. Mesmerized by Gothic castles, secret passages, and endless opulence, you… Read More »

The Lost Fate of the Oni: Otome Romance Game Cheats&Hack

■Synopsis “Dangerous oni lurk outside, so you must never leave the mansion.”Raised under the protective wing of your loving father, you’ve always heeded these words and stayed safe inside. Life in the mansion may be comfortable, but you wish that you could experience the outside world just once. One day, your wish comes true, but… Read More »