Preschool Math Games for Kids Cheats&హాక్

ద్వారా | డిసెంబర్ 20, 2022

The best Preschool Math App to learn 123 numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, ఇంకా చాలా.

Here’s an award-winning math app that teaches kids addition, subtraction, counting, and numbers with fun kids math games. Children can play a variety of math games like number tracing, shapes, 123 numbers, and counting to 100 among others to improve their beginner math skills. Featured by Educational App Store as one of the ‘Best Toddler Apps’, Preschool Math Games For Kids makes learning math easy, entertaining and understandable for kids aged 3,4,5, మరియు 6.

Make your kids fall in love with numbers with fun educational math games that combine learning and entertainment. The fun characters and vibrant graphics keep children engaged and account for positive screen time, making it a win-win for both kids and parents. Along with improving their early math skills, these math games boost concentration, దృష్టి, analytical thinking, and pattern recognition. It is a great way to get some daily mental workout and will keep kids sharp.

Here’s what kids will learn by playing the fun math games in the kids math app:

Addition & Subtraction
Learn to add and subtract with cute playful characters.

Number Sense
Fun games like shooting, popping, join the dots, and coloring makes learning 123s simple and exciting.

Learn basic shapes with a host of carefully chosen activities like puzzles, సరిపోలే ఆటలు, ఇంకా చాలా.

Learn to count to 100 by counting eggs, balloons, and candies. Don’t forget to check the exclusive Santa game!

Sort and categorize different objects by shapes, colors, objects, animals, vehicles, and fruits.

Compare objects based on their features like long, short, small, heavy, light, మొదలైనవి.

Improve pattern recognition skills with specially made games for preschool children.

Make learning math easy and exciting with fun math games that are enjoyable and help kids learn addition, subtraction, counting, and learning 123 in no time. Download the Preschool Math Games app and let your kids fall in love with math.