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Central Hospital Stories – చీట్స్&హాక్

Pretend play game for kids 4-14 and the whole family, where players can explore a modern hospital and create life stories with their imagination in a medical themed doll house. Hurry up doctor, we have an emergency in Central Hospital! A pregnant woman is on her way in the ambulance to give birth, and there… ఇంకా చదవండి »

Stories World™ Urban City – చీట్స్&హాక్

Pretend play game for kids 4-14 and the whole family, where players can explore a modern town and create life stories with their imagination in a massive living doll house. INTRODUCING STORIES WORLD™ URBAN CITY Break your daily routine, escape to a new city and create a whole new life in Stories World™ Urban City… ఇంకా చదవండి »

మెదడు పరీక్ష 2: Tricky Stories Cheats&హాక్

With over a zillion downloads, మెదడు పరీక్ష: Tricky Puzzles redefined brain games. Now get more of the same exciting riddles and funny tests with Brain Test 2! If you like tricky games, riddles or brain games then Brain Test 2 with tricky tests is a great exercise for your brain. Get ready to be bamboozled… ఇంకా చదవండి »

My Horse Stories – చీట్స్&హాక్

Go from city girl to country gal, in My Horse Stories! Choose your pet horse and become a horse racing champion, in this horse story game! Get ready for a summer of drama! Compete against your rival, and maybe even fall in love with your crush! You were looking forward to chilling this summer in… ఇంకా చదవండి »

JessStoriesLife Adventure Cheats&హాక్

JESS IS A MESS Life isn’t going so well for Jess: She’s just lost her boyfriend, she’s been kicked out of her house, and she’s suffering the most epically awful bad hair day in history. But everything in the story is about to change when school friend Eric suddenly invites Jess to a glamorous party✨!… ఇంకా చదవండి »

Journeys: Romance Stories – చీట్స్&హాక్

RPG game where you need to choose the stories and episodes that you want to experience and play in your story. Journeys is a fantasy game where you can travel across the world, while playing different stories based on your choices. Romance, రహస్యం, నాటకం, love and many other episode plots are updated and released each… ఇంకా చదవండి »

Dance School Stories – చీట్స్&హాక్

Ever dreamed of dancing on stage, spotlight on you, crowd going wild? Now’s your moment to step up and compete – you’re a rising star! You’ve been accepted to step up, compete and just dance in the exclusive Fame Dance School girl game. Enjoy your dance classes! In this Dance School Stories girl game, step… ఇంకా చదవండి »

Romance ClubStories I Play Cheats&హాక్

Become a character in a story you’ll love! ని ఇష్టం:✦ Pick your own look and style✦ Romance: Cute or Sexy? Bold or Shy? Guy or Girl? ✦ What happens next? Every story has multiple endings!✦ Fantasy, నాటకం, supernatural, horror, సాహసం, and more✦ Dozens of original stories with more to come Which story will… ఇంకా చదవండి »

GTA: Liberty City Stories – చీట్స్&హాక్

Get ready to head back to the East Coast as Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories returns to mobile devices. With shorter, streamlined missions designed with mobile gameplay in mind, this definitive open-world adventure has been remastered for Android with extensive graphic enhancements, rebalanced touch controls and cross platform saves. Former trusted wise guy for… ఇంకా చదవండి »

Escape: Interactive Stories – చీట్స్&హాక్

Escape is the latest hit interactive story game yet to be discovered! Get ready to dive into your second life, full of romance, నాటకం, mystery and fantasywhere you get to decide how you want your story to play out. Play the role of a vampire vixen, fall-in-love with a powerful mafia lord, లేదా… ఇంకా చదవండి »