Love Traveler: BL Visual Novel Cheats&Хак

Бо | Март 26, 2023

Love Traveler is an exciting BL game that takes you on a time-slip adventure, where you’ll relive old memories with friends and discover new romance along the way. In this dating sim game, you play Jess, a character who receives a love letter from someone in the past. As you journey through time, you’ll encounter old friends and discover new relationships, all while uncovering the mystery of who sent the letter.

?Interesting romance BL story
Someone had a crush on me?”

It’s just another day when Jess gets a love letter from someone in the past.
On his way to the cemetery, he runs into old friends who’ve changed a lot. He slips in time when he’s hit by a bus.

As Jess slips in time, he meets the people who might have sent the letter, his old friends from high school before they changed.

If I was braver back then, would I be with you now?”
#now_star #then_popularkid #classmate #Jacob

Writing let me breathe and you were the reason I breathed.
#now_bestsellingauthor(?) #then_schoolclubbuddy #Stuart

If word gets out that the scandalous playboy and billionaire heir used to be a hopeless romantic, stock prices might go up, but you’re more important.
#now_3rdgenerationbillionaire #then_schoolpresident #Leo

I should be grateful for that letter. I might still be chasing after you without it.
#now_prosecutor #then_edgyelite #playmates #Daniel

Which one of them sent Jess the love letter?

Love Traveler features a heartwarming romance storyline that will keep you engaged from start to finish. With multiple chapters and episodes, you’ll be able to dive deep into the game’s immersive world of anime-style graphics and captivating storytelling. Each choice you make will impact the outcome of the story, allowing you to shape the fate of Jess and his relationships.

This BL game is the perfect combination of romance, dating sim, and time-slip adventure. With its unique blend of genres, Love Traveler stands out from other dating games on the market. Whether you’re a fan of BL games, anime, or interactive stories, Love Traveler has something for everyone.

In Love Traveler, you’ll experience unrequited love with friends from the past, a touching story that begins with a letter, and romantic past memories. With its perfect combination of time slip and unrequited love, this BL game is sure to capture your heart.

If you’re looking for a dating sim game that features immersive storytelling, engaging characters, and multiple endings, then Love Traveler is the perfect choice for you. Download now and start your journey into a world of romance, саргузашт, and choices.

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