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Бо | Январ 10, 2023

Starfall Fantasy: Neverland, a fantasy open world MMORPG you have never seen.
As soon as the star falls, a space-time hole that once existed only in dream suddenly opens upFarewell to the past, from now on, you can be whoever you want to be!

Immerse yourself in a fully-featured, massive 3D battlefield where you can see ancient scenes transformed into a futuristic city! Team up with strangers and friends to overcome various hardships and be reborn. Be a different you and create your glorious legacy!

Different Battle Experience: Would you like to experience the thrill of ONE vs. MANY?

Different Home System: Perhaps build a home and invite your friends to have a drink?
Different Class Career: How about being a farmer during the day and an assassin during the night?

It all starts with an ancient man traveling into a futuristic world full of high technology and returning with epic combat skills. You decide which path to take, and so the story begins…

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Persona Switchover
Be anyone you want to be!
Want to be an architect? Sure!
Want to be a farmer? Okay!
Want to be an assassin? Масъалае нест!
With Starfall Fantasy, you can not only select a character to begin your adventure, but you can also adopt multiple identities, such as Assassin, Hermit, and Summoner. Дар Илова, you can even transform into a God, a Lancer, a Mech, and many more with just one character you create.

Partners Explorer
Battle along with Partners!
Collect cute Pets and ride unique Mounts. Let them be your companions and help you along the way! Both can evolve into variants with cool appearances and become even more powerful! Bring your friends along for a ride to battle bosses of all kinds with your Mech!

House Changeover
Build your dream home!
Home sweet home! Bring your creativity to life and design your home with various pieces of furniture. Баъд, invite your friends over for a feast you’ve prepared for them. Time to show off your cooking skills!

Romantic Crossover
Cross-Server Marriage & PVP!
Distance is no longer a barrier. With this exclusive feature, you can get married to a player on another server. Not only will you be able to have babies together, but you will also be able to conquer dungeons together. Romance awaits!

Battlefield Takeover
Real-time Battlefield of 4 Салтанатҳо!
There are endless obstacles to overcome, but you’re not alone. Join your comrades in an expansive field and defend the country. It’s all about breaking through limits, малака, and strategies!

Costume Makeover
Design your own fashion!
Select your preferred character class and customize your look with stunning costumes and weapons. Find out how gorgeous you can be!

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