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Scalak : Relaxing Puzzle Game Cheats&Хак

🧘 If you are looking for meditation games to relax and want to chill with an antistress and relaxing minimalist game, Scalak is the right choice for you! We are offering you the best logic puzzle that you played in a long time, where you are matching smart shapes for adults. Just chill and fill… Бештар »

OXXO” – Puzzle Game To Relax Cheats&Хак

Эй, Hamster here! I create puzzle games for you. “OXXOGOAL: Group similar blocks. They like each other 😉 HOW TO DO THAT?-Discover the game on your own, no tutorials!-Play with the blocks. You can’t loose in OXXO!-Rotate them like in no other game before.-Use all 3 Dimensions 🙂-Sometimes you’ll have to think a bit.… Бештар »

Alphabets gameNumbers game Cheats&Хак

Go on an adventure and play with Aquatic, Farm, Savannah and Jungle animals. Learn numbers and letters with this uniqueConnect the DotsAnimal Encyclopedia. Master your alphabets and practice counting skills and be rewarded with animal sounds, тасвирҳо, interesting facts and videos. This educational game is really helpful for preschool children and toddlers and… Бештар »

RPG бекор – The Game is Bugged! Cheats&Хак

■Retro RPGBackground: Pixel FantasyWorld: There are tiles full of bugs everywhere and also undeveloped areas.Allies: Form a party with heroes of many races to saveRetro World”.Residents: Because they don’t realize they are NPCs, they are afraid and leave work to others. ■Retro World DevelopersCEO Shin E. Kim: President of Mabu games.Manager Dev Loper: Дар… Бештар »

Sudoku: Brain Puzzle Game – Cheats&Хак

Easy sudoku free puzzle game is an addictive brain sudoku puzzle game for very beginners and advanced players. Whether you’d like to relax or keep the mind active, you can pleasantly pass the time with classic sudoku free games! From the creators of Brain Test Tricky Puzzles, Санҷиши майна 2 Tricky Stories and Who Is?… Бештар »

Great Conqueror: Rome War Game Cheats&Хак

командир! The Roman Republic is on the march and many powerful nations oppose the expansion of our empire. War is imminent. Rome needs the might of all talented warriors! Great generals like Caesar, Pompey, Antony, Octavian and Spartacus will fight with you. Let us witness the birth of a great conqueror! 【Campaign Mode】 Become the… Бештар »

ZengeBeautiful Puzzle Game Cheats&Хак

Zenge is a peculiar puzzle game, telling the story of Eona lonely journeyman who’s stuck between the worlds and time. Game is intended to be a relaxing experience, thus there are no points, ситорахо, tutorials, move counters, in game shops or any other distractors. Just pure, immersive journey with Eon, told through gorgeous… Бештар »

SUITSME: Fashion Dress Up Game Cheats&Хак

SUITSME is a new generation of fashion dress-up makeover clothes style apps for adults! If you’re into fashion designer apps, this unique fashion app is about to become your favorite. It is your turn to become a popular fashion icon!💎🥰 SUITSMEDress Up and DIY Makeup App! Fashion App for Girls has: Unique challenges… Бештар »