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Pawnbarian: a Puzzle Roguelike – Cheats&Хак

Chess-inspired puzzle roguelike. Demosingle IAP unlocks full game. The ad-free demo contains a single character and dungeon. Pawnbarian is a turn-based puzzle roguelike with bite-sized, but challenging sessions. Play cards to control your hero like a chess piece on a tiny dungeon board, outmaneuver enemies with their assortment of tricky abilities, and become… Бештар »

Dead Shell-Pixel Roguelike RPG – Cheats&Хак

9 \ 10 “If you enjoy dark фантастика themes and like a challenging RPG with some roguelike elements, then look no further than Dead Shell.” / Christine Chan, appadvice.com Dead Shell is an addictive pixel style RPG with roguelike elements and clicker games. Ин ҷо, you have to shoot your way out of hordes of monsters,… Бештар »

Breach Wanderers: Roguelike – Cheats&Хак

Card games meets roguelike games in a brand new way! In Breach Wanderers, you choose your hero and craft your own decks every time you enter the breach! Defeat unusual monsters, upgrade your town, and collect powerful items in this new roguelike deckbuilding adventure! CORE FEATURESCustomize your Deck: Create and save your own… Бештар »

Order of FateRoguelike RPG Cheats&Хак

Order of Fate is a dungeon roguelike RPG fantasy. Welcome to the adventure RPG strategy games, inspired by classic offline 2D RPG games and the best RPG games with character creator of all times. Delve deep into the dungeons like a true roguelike dungeon crawler. Fight against the Evil in our thrilling PvE strategy games.… Бештар »

Guidus : Pixel Roguelike RPG Cheats&Хак

The great adventure to reclaim the royal palace, Pixel roguelike game, Guidus.The monsters of the abyss sealed under the royal palace have waken up after all. Although the tiwn prince and princess had uphill battles with last warriors of the royal palace, the twins ended up being defeated and exiled to the dungeon.You are the… Бештар »

The Way HomePixel Roguelike Cheats&Хак

Trapped on a strange island, Kevin and Cheese struggle to return home.Encounter other lost people and terrifying monsters lurking on the island.Help our unfortunate duo find THE WAY HOME! [Roguelike Dungeon Crawler]– Procedurally Generated MapsEach battle has a new pattern to enjoyStrategically combine 15 or more skills every battle!– Defeat 80 different monsters… Бештар »

Муҳофизони корт: Deck Building Roguelike Card Game Cheats&Хак

Card Guardians як бозии саҳни сохтаи RPG аст, ки дар он ҳар як қарор ва корт метавонад мавҷро дар набард тағйир диҳад. Кортҳои навро мағлуб кунед, тахтахои нав созанд, ва ҷанги бисёр гуногун, душманони торафт пурзур. Ҷаҳони ба қаллобӣ монандро бо номи Валентина кашф кунед, ки дар он чо посбонон то фаро расидани Рузи бесарусомонй хазорхо сол сулхро нигох медоштанд. Он… Бештар »

Mystic Gunner: Roguelike Shooting Action Adventure Cheats&Хак

The worst creatures in human history have appeared in the world. It’s up to you to save humanity in crisis…” Evade quickly and shoot without hesitation! You don’t have to show mercy to your enemies. Prepare your gear and skills and explore random generated areas. Collect powerful weapons and equipment, dodge bullets and defeat all… Бештар »