The Impostor – Voice Chat Cheats&Hack

By | December 8, 2020

On the sea, a lonely cruise ship carries the hope of the crew. But not everyone thinks that way. Impostors are hidden among us on the cruise ship…Can you find them? “The Impostor” is a 3D game, you can play with friends, or quickly join a match game. Players will be a crew or an impostor. Crew needs to complete its own tasks and find impostors to vote them; the impostor needs to kill the crew as much as possible, and sabotage to hinder crew from completing the task. -Popular now 10 people play together online, find out who the impostor is -Real-time interaction Try your best to pretend to be a crew -Online party Find clues and identify the murderer -Voice social Have fun with people all over the world A new cruise ship is ready, are you ready to start a journey?