The Secret of Cat Island Cheats&Hack

By | May 14, 2022

A new adventure begins! An island catscapade!
The second cat tale from the developers of the relaxing idle game, My Dear Cat! This time, on an island!

Explore and venture into Cat Island with two lovely cats!
What new meowsteries will this island have in store for you and the cats?

Constantly updated with islands with new themes! A casual game with enough curious content to satisfy a cat!
There isn’t enough hours in a day in Cat Island! Grow, explore, farm, and build!

Each island has their own unique theme.
Wonder what secrets the new island has in store? Uncover secrets through adventure!

▶ Erect your very own cat kingdom at the island!
– I wonder what cats will visit my kingdom?

More cats will visit your kindgom the higher your level is!
Your very own kingdom that prospers the more cats are in it!

Build houses to help cats settle,
farm crops with cats,
and craft materials for the cats to explore the island.

A casual farming catventure game!
You won’t find a catventure game like this anywhere else!
A farming adventure game by cats, for cats!

A must-play casual game for animals lovers!
Watch cats idle around the island for a peace of mind!

You can raise not only cats, but other animals like sheep as well!
Or even reap the crops that you sow!
A farming adventure game with lovely furry friends!

▶ Freely explore and decorate your island!
– A true island building game! Create your own Cat Island!

Farm where you want, build where you want,
and decorate your island just the way you want!
A cat island with a cat kindgom for cats!

A relaxing game where you can have a peaceful time through cutesy aesthetics and music!
Enjoy different themes and music on different islands!
Sometimes exciting, and sometimes relaxing!

If you don’t like idling, how about setting out on an exciting adventure to unexplored islands with your cats? This casual game has adventures!

Make a peaceful cat kingdom and be at peace with your cats!
Take a catnap with your cats in your cat kingdom!

Grow alongside your cats in this casual adventure game!

▶ Highly recommended casual game for those who love cats!
– Cats are easy on the eyes!

A cat paradise for anyone who enjoys a good animal or cat game!
It even has desert cats, cats wearing sheep hats, and even kittens?!

What abilities will my cat have?
Each and every cat in the cat kingdom has a unique ability!

What stories do cats of the cat kingdom have to tell?
Listen to the stories that these island cats have to share!

You can even enjoy casual mini-games with cuddly kittens!
A cat kingdom full of cuddly cats!

▶ A farming adventure cat game where you can farm materials and explore islands!

Have you seen a cat farm before?
Harvest fields of crops!
A casual farming game where you can enjoy simple farming!

Use crops from your fields to craft materials for exploration!
A casual farm where you can build your cat kingdom!

▶ Drifted ashore an island! The beginning of an adventure!
– A casual adventure cat game with hordes of secrets underneath!

Secrets told by new cats they meet on the island!
What cats await on the next island over?

Uncover the truth behind the cat kingdom!
A catventure that follows the stories of the cat kingdom! A casual adventure game

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* Phone: Terminal information required to send push notifications.
* Permit Storage Space (Device Photos, Media, Files) Access
– Required to save files necessary for gameplay on this device
* The following permissions are required for video reward ads.

[How to Control Access]
* OS 6.0 and Up
– Settings > Apps > Select app > Permissions > Select Allowed or Not Allowed
* Older than OS 6.0
– Upgrade your OS, then turn off permissions or delete the app

※ If the app doesn’t allow you to agree to each function separately, use the above method to turn permissions off.

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