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Battle of PolytopiaA Civilization Strategy Game Cheats&Pataga

“Pocket GamerMobile game of the year” The Battle of Polytopia is an award winning unique turn based civilization strategy game about controlling the map, fighting enemy tribes, discovering new lands and mastering new technologies. You take on the role as the ruler of a tribe and attempt to build a civilization in a… Magbasa Nang Higit Pa »

AdVenture Ages: Idle Civilization – Mga daya&Pataga

Congratulationsyou’ve saved all of time! At least, you did, before some jerk spilled coffee in the time machine. Transported back to past civilizations, you’ll need to restore history and rebuild your glittering career before your Utopian future ceases to exist. TAMPOK:◆ Restore a shattered timeline by guiding the most powerful civilizations throughout history◆… Magbasa Nang Higit Pa »