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Fai ʻe | Sānuali 7, 2021

From the makers of Crafty Candy with millions of players worldwide!

Blast into a new candy matching adventure! Satisfy your sweet tooth by collecting all the sugary candies. Treat yourself to hundreds of fun, confectionery-filled levels with different goals – smash soda cans, collect gummy sweets, and crush delicious jawbreakers!

Crafty Candy Blast is great fun to play! Tap and blast matching candies to collect them. Four or more candies make a rocket which clears a whole bunch of them at once! Combine matching rockets to make new, more exciting sugar blasts. Build your Win Streak and start blasting, a fun adventure awaits!

Join the candy witches Candice and Trixie, and their cute cat Cookie! Burst delicious treats with their magical spells as you encounter sweet surprises. Enjoy an amazing puzzle game with a whole lot of colorful candies and sugar popping excitement.

Ngaahi Fōtungá:
Fun to play puzzle game any time you need a little treat
Blast candies to solve puzzles
Tap matching candies to blast them and more candies rush to fill in their place
Combine candies at once to create more rockets
Every move introduces exciting strategic possibilities and unexpected surprises
Play as the candy witches Candice or Trixie
Take on different puzzle level types
In a bit of a jam? That’s what boosts are for
Level up and win rewards like boosts and infinite lives
Win multiple levels in a row and start with treats in levels
Take part in sweet limited time events
Join the sugar popping excitement with friends and share a sweet adventure

Sweet excitement unwinds with every sugar pop in this puzzle adventure. As the levels get more challenging, the rewards become more exciting. Enjoy the pop of a wide variety of sugar candies like bubble gum, bonbons, popcorn, soda, jelly and jawbreakers. Lives refill fast, the puzzles become more fun, and every candy blast creates sweeter excitement.

Candy has never looked so amazing. This sugar filled gummy adventure has great graphics. Playing Crafty Candy Blast is a fun, colorful and relaxing experience. The characters are pretty, cute and make the puzzles interesting.
Crafty Candy Blast has amazing animations which makes this a dream puzzle game to play.

Craft Candy Blast is completely free to play but some in-game items will require payment. A big Thank You from Outplay Entertainment to everyone who has played and enjoyed our puzzle game.

Start playing Crafty Candy Blast an amazing puzzle game with addictive puzzles and exciting rewards! Join the candy blasting fun for free now!

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