Franchise Basketball 2023 – Kākā&Kei Kini

Fai ʻe | Sānuali 26, 2023

Take it to the hoop and play the world’s best mobile basketball manager game! Build a hardwood dynasty and prove that you’re the ultimate GM – anytime, ʻi ha feituʻu pe!

Play Every Day
Get your team on the court every single day. Play 21-game seasons, exhibitions, pro games and showdowns! Earn rewards and draft packs through daily games and use those resources to continue to build your franchise.

Build a Champion
Manage your team and build it into a championship contender. Put together an all-pro roster, customize your playbooks, play seasons and bring home the championships!

Build the Ultimate Roster
Unwrap packs and fill your roster with the biggest names in pro hoops history. Collect Special Edition, Limited Edition and Legend versions of your favorite players to fakaava their Ultimate Players – the highest rated basketball players in mobile gaming!

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