Gun War: Shooting Games – Kākā&Kei Kini

Fai ʻe | Māʻasi 17, 2023

ʻIkai ʻInitaneti vaʻinga fakahuu, small size but not simple, just download and enjoy it!

Konga ki he vaʻingá:
– 15+ Multi-languages
– Laka hake ʻi he 124 exciting shooter tasks, including 6 special game type
– 50+ featured scenes and maps.
– 50+ meʻatau, epic weapons waiting for you.
Weapon upgrade system, even ordinary weapons also have the opportunity to upgrade.
Unique mercenary and team system.
World Championship leaderboards, together to challenge game players around the world.

Optimized for mobile device operating, smooth controlling and exciting battle sound, experience the console game shooter fun!
Flexible artificial intelligence behavior so that each enemy is unique!

Compatibility and support
We’re continuously working (faingataʻa) so that all Android device run the game smoothly. Please report any issue you may experience by email us.

Gun War: Shooting Games is a free game but it contains mature content and optional in-app purchases for real money. You may want to keep away it from your kids.

Give us 5 stars rating for encouraging us to improve the game continuously.