State of Heroes: Empires War Cheats&Kei Kini

Fai ʻe | Tīsema 25, 2022

State of Heroes: Empires War is a superhero-themed MMOSLG in the apocalypse war.
As a base commander, you can fakaava high-tech and special arms by upgrading buildings, summon war mecha, recruit superheroes, and lead the army to plunder the resources. Develop and strengthen your empire with your allies, defeat all enemies, become the king of the world, and return to the peak of glory!

[Ngaahi fotunga ʻo e vaʻ]:
Join or form a powerful super alliance, compete with global elite players, defeat all the powerful enemies who stand in your way, and lead your allies on the glorious journey to seize the throne of the kingdom!

Cultivate farmland, produce oil and mine, build city walls, conduct research, train troops, take in survivors, develop and expand your eschatological base to lay a solid foundation for the future hegemony plan!

Repair war mecha, upgrade exclusive skills, study military strategy, adjust the deployment of various armies, improve your comprehensive combat attributes, and enjoy the amazing strategy in the thrilling battlefield!

The zombie army is coming. Build a defensive fortress, upgrade the turrets, gather troops, kill all zombies, and guard our last homeland with the survivors. The dawn of victory is waiting for you!

Start the adventure expedition, defeat the BOSS, unlock the treasure chest, find the trace of the superheroes, and summon the legendary heroes to join you. Awaken the super abilities of heroes and enhance your strength!

World Gold Events, Destroyer Invasion, Alliance Mobilization, Alien Battlefield, Hero Arena, Portal Challenge, Overlord War, President War, Zombie AttackMore exciting activities are waiting for you! Join State of Heroes and rule over the world with your friends!