Super Pug Story Match 3 kaka pasolo&Kei Kini

Fai ʻe | Sepitema 11, 2022

Play a match 3 puzzle of a new level, the one that stands out among all match three games. Get to know a pug game we’ve developed specifically to change your past acquaintances with matching puzzle games.
We’re almost sure that you have seen and played numerous cute match 3 games both online and offline, as there are plenty of 3 in a row games. If you have not but have always wondered what it is like to play match 3 puzzle games, Super Pug Story is the best possible variant to start from.
The one we’re about to introduce is similarly a match 3 puzzle but with quite a few unique standing-out features that will take your breath away.

How the game is different from many other matching puzzle games

Super Pug Story is a little bit of a toons game, a bit of a story puzzle, pea mo, most obviously, a fascinating and well-designed 3 in a row game, in which the main task is to combine gems and use magic boosters. This super match 3 story will work on any device with Android OS being one of the most recently released no wifi games that are free and fun. The adventure match 3 has been brought to a brand new level in a coherent and logical 3 match story of a brave hero.

ʻIkai ngata ai, the other key features of the game that distinguish it from most of the other available match three games as well as, even more broadly, puzzle offline games are all about becoming a winner. The game is full of funny characters and unexpected pleasant surprises, making it potentially one of the best new cute offline match 3 games. What else is there in the Super Pug Story? All the possible 3 in a row games that are free to play offer something special for the contestants, and we’ve decided to make it possible to exchange lives with your friends to extend the playtime and make it even more fun!

A game with virtual pugs

Among all the match 3 free games players, who is not in love with the cute characters? Having studied your tastes, we have understood that pug games deservedly occupy one of the top positions among active players in both story games and fun offline games no wifi needed.
A pug game you’re about to play is an ultimate match-3 adventure that will cheer you up while making you relax. No other casual puzzle games or match adventure games will please you with such bright graphics and challenging gameplay as Super Pug Story. The story in the rigorous but easy-to-play story match 3
A free puzzle adventure with a pet virtual option, although not brand new in a world of entertainment games and 3 in a row free games, will definitely not leave anyone indifferent thanks to the cutest characters, colorful game spaces and well-designed levels.

Having no doubt that Super Pug Story will become one of your most favorite match 3 adventure quest games as well as one of the most favorite games offline. Ko ia, you can recommend it not only to your friends but also to basically anyone and everyone who has some spare time to spend on an Android smartphone.You won’t want to stop or switch to any other 3 in a row games, either free or paid, let’s make it a promise.

Join the Super Pug’s squad and let’s play!