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NewCity: Town Building Farming – Kākā&Kei Kini

We’re looking for a mayor to entrust the development and management of New City in their capable hands! Install this free city simulation game now and set your town on the course of progress and prosperity. As mayor, it is your duty to design and create a beautiful, lively metropolis. But being mayor is not… Lau ke lahi ange »

Town CityVillage Building S Cheats&Kei Kini

Do you like Casual City Building Tycoon Games?Become a town city management tycoon!Start with a small village, grow to a town, build away to a city, and then expand borders on multiple beautiful exotic islands. If you are familiar with Sparkling Society Games, you know we have the best mobile casual city building games and… Lau ke lahi ange »

City Island 5 – Building Sim Cheats&Kei Kini

Langa ha kolo, your city“City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Simulation Offline”, a new city builder game from Sparkling Society, will make you the mayor of small town starting on just one island. Send your airship to explore the world and unlock beautiful new islands to build your new cities on. In most city building… Lau ke lahi ange »

Megapolis: city building simulator. Urban strategy Cheats&Kei Kini

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Megapolisa city building simulator where you can build the world’s best metropolis. A true economic simulation game based on the rules of the market, Megapolis allows you to design your own city to your heart’s content! Megapolis is fun for all the familyit doesn’t matter how… Lau ke lahi ange »

Card Guardians: Deck Building Roguelike Card Game Cheats&Kei Kini

Card Guardians is a roguelike deck building RPG game where each decision and card can turn the tide in a battle. Conquer new cards, build new decks, and battle many different, increasingly powerful foes. Explore a roguelike world called Valentia, where the Guardians kept the peace for thousands of years until Chaos Day arrived. It… Lau ke lahi ange »

Craft Clever SunCrafting & Building Games Cheats&Kei Kini

Learn how to build your house in a castle or in a mine. Decorate your house with your matesfurniture and your own eyes.Features:– Perfect game for the whole family: boys and girls will love it.Cool game: Search for a hidden cave with your friends, multiplayer mode is cool!– Build anything: house with… Lau ke lahi ange »