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Megapolis: city building simulator. Urban strategy Cheats&Kei Kini

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Megapolisa city building simulator where you can build the world’s best metropolis. A true economic simulation game based on the rules of the market, Megapolis allows you to design your own city to your heart’s content! Megapolis is fun for all the familyit doesn’t matter how… Lau ke lahi ange »

Pocket Tower: Building Game & Megapolis Kings Cheats&Kei Kini

ʻOku Talitali Lelei Koe, Boss! Become a hero of your own skyscraper as you design and create a beautiful, bustling business center. Make smart choices to keep your workers happy and your business growing. Then trade, chat, feʻauhi, and join city. Build your way to the extraordinary with this exciting city builder! BRING YOUR TOWER TO LIFEBuild new… Lau ke lahi ange »