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BraveNine Story – Kākā&Kei Kini

An extraordinary adventure story of the unstoppable mercenary group!Brave Nine mercenaries are back in a new Visual Novel RPG, Brave Nine Story! Why did this young noble man from a prestigious family become a runaway overnight? ◆ A Story of No Ordinary Adventure of an Ordinary Mercenary Group!A young man’s life fell apart due to… Lau ke lahi ange »

The Tiny Bang Story: Premium-p Cheats&Kei Kini

Welcome to Tiny Planet, a gorgeous steampunk inspired world sadly devastated by a recent asteroid strike. Your mission is to help rebuild this beautiful idyll and restore it to its former glory. To do so you’ll need to hunt hidden objects in tiny house, solve puzzles and conquer devilish brain teasers in our object finding… Lau ke lahi ange »

Super Pug Story Match 3 kaka pasolo&Kei Kini

Play a match 3 puzzle of a new level, the one that stands out among all match three games. Get to know a pug game we’ve developed specifically to change your past acquaintances with matching puzzle games. We’re almost sure that you have seen and played numerous cute match 3 games both online and offline,... Lau ke lahi ange »

ChatLinx Love Story Game Anime Cheats&Kei Kini

A completely new experience of anime story games enriched with chat based storyline! Try the Texting Love Story: ChatLinx – a revolutionary text based adventure game, become a chat master, and find love story filled with real choices and completely different paths. This breathtaking “otome romance” game perfectly combines elements of mystery, dating sim, true… Lau ke lahi ange »

Anime Love Story: Shadowtime – Kākā&Kei Kini

Get ready for a new interactive love story game that combines elements of virtual reality and RPG with beautiful manga characters and illustrations! Immerse yourself in the thrilling gaming experience while you shape your destiny and make choices on your way to true love! Which one of the guys will be lucky to be chosen… Lau ke lahi ange »

LanotaMusic game with story Cheats&Kei Kini

Play the tunes and follow the rhythm, explore and revive the world. Fakaava music of various genres, conquer specially designed boss-stages, and indulge in an artistic picture book! AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS 2016 1st IMGA SEA “Excellence in Audio”2017 Taipei Game Show Indie Game Award “Best Audio”2017 13th IMGA Global Nominee2017 Indie Prize Award in Casual… Lau ke lahi ange »

Love Sick: Love story games Cheats&Kei Kini

Love Sick, the interactive story game where you play the lead role! Romance, drama, suspense and moreLove Sick offers a huge collection of love story games with interactive novels for any taste. If you like to read romance stories, then things just got a whole lot better! See potential lovers and jealous rivals… Lau ke lahi ange »

Reaper story online – Kākā&Kei Kini

The days of playing .io games that keep you glued to the one screen alone are over!Introducing a new online game that you can play with your friends!Interact with other players in the village to spice up the game world!There’s even a single-channel system for solo growth.A system for customizing your own reaper! ◈New content… Lau ke lahi ange »