War Crush: Empires Saga – Kākā&Kei Kini

Fai ʻe | ʻAokosi 11, 2022

In a fallen empire controlled by a wild-ambitious duke, you are a sting in his eye. Upraise your power and establish your own territory as soon as possible to defeat the duke and build your own empire!

·Target Your Foes
Slip into the captured city as a master archer, shoot the enemy guards and retake your territory. Rise your own force to confront the traitor Otto

·Match-3 x Strategy
The classic match-3 tiles will be the weapon against your enemies. Use your combo tactics to win the war.

·Recruit Heroes
Almost 100 heroes of multi-civilization are ready to help you build your empire.
Send your talented heroes to conquer every inch of the land in this chaotic era!

·Enjoy Stunning Battles
Immersed in the magnificent graphics and excellent duels.
Defeat the notorious rebels in PVE and trial yourself with other lords in PVP.
Expand your reign, use your strategies to defeat the outnumber enemies and become remarkable in the history!

·Rendezvous With Beauties
Numerous beauties are waiting for you in the palace.
Date and play games with them to increase your affinity.
Which one are you going to choose today, my lord?

·Gather Allies
One can not conquer the world alone in overwhelming wars. Gather your allies and lead your army to expand the alliance territory. Compete against other lords for the glory in dark ages!

·Build Your Empire
A powerful Town Center helps you rapidly accumulate fortune and resources.
Upgrade your facilities, train your troops and slay your enemies!
Dispatch armies to conquer enemy cities, plunder resources to build an eternal empire!

To conquer whatever I see.

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