PuzzleHeroes – Cheats&Hack

Na | Eperera 12, 2021

Puzzle Heroes is an excellent casual online game featuring match-3 and card battle.
The gameplay is simple and easy: a horo hoê â û e a pii i te mau aito no te aro; ua tuati te nama, rahi noa'tu te ino tei faatupu. Ua î roa te aroraa i te mau rave'a aravihi e te mau tamataraa: you’re able to generate various skills by matching four or more runes. Carefully place your heroes and arrange the skills to master the game!

Free download! Come and lead your heroes to victory!

Te mau rave'a ha'uti:
1. Compete with global players;
2. Win treasure chests and get huge rewards;
3. Collect and upgrade hero decks;
4. Create or join a guild to share hero cards;
5. Acquire rich rewards from various tasks.

You need to be connected to the Internet to play the game.