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Автор | Вересень 6, 2022

Whether you like to duke it out against time in a survival mode, or prefer to chill with brain teasers and entertaining puzzles, This app is made for you as it will take you on a thrilling journey through two exciting game modes! So take our ultimate quiz now and challenge your anime and manga knowledge!

In the classic mode, you need to guess anime characters using only a few clues. Carefully observe the 4 pics and spot the links between them to figure out the character’s identity. The pictures are hints exposing their weapons, abilities, looks, clothing or even memes made about them.

In the chrono mode, test your intuition and the depth of your knowledge about characters in a race against time. You need to guess as many manga characters as possible from their minimalist icons before time runs out. Collect rewards along the way and fight to score the highest as the icons increase substantially in difficulty!

Особливості :

Enjoy the journey and progress through more than 300 символів, arranged in a wide variety of categories. Our app covers all genres of animes and manga, from shonen to shojo, from sports to isekai, from mainstream to hidden gems! This is absolutely one of the most entertaining anime games!

Give your brain a workout by figuring out the answers while keeping your resources consumption at a minimum. Beat your records and complete many challenging missions throughout the journey. Check the scoreboard to compare your ranking with fellow otakus around the globe. Challenge your friends to further enjoy this amazing anime games!

Absolutely no pay-to-win! Unlike other anime games, our app is totally free! Spend this in-game coins you get through leveling up in the shop. There you can find plenty of valuable items that will help on your quest for become a top ranker!

Our anime games interface uses beautiful graphics, anime wallpapers and songs that are inspired from many related shows and universes.

We’ll be constantly updating to include new characters and new categories. So come back every day for a new treat of high quality content! Upcoming updates will also have new modes such as voice quiz, anime wallpapers quiz or other different anime games!

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The names of the characters belong to their respective authors. All images and graphic material are either produced by our designing team or taken from open source. For business inquiries, please find below our contact information.