Super Balls – 3D Brick Breaker Cheats&Рубати

Автор | Лютий 15, 2021

The best 3D brick breaker game is here! Break all bricks before they reach the bottom!

Hit those blasts, бомби, ракети, fireworks, and lightings to help you win!
Watch out for those moving, spinning bricks, especially factories that make more bricks each turn!
Collect color crystals, then unleash their charge for a powerful move!
Use portals to teleport balls on the field for clever winning strategies!
Розблокувати 5-different super abilities, and use them in time of needs!
Discover Unique collapsible levels, where bricks can tumble down! Win them for bonus rewards!
Customize your game with over 100 brick-themes and 100 ball texture to choose from!
Thousands of hand crafted 3D levels to keep you entertained for months or even years! With more new levels created weekly!
– Дивовижна 3D-графіка; Приголомшлива графіка & Animations;

– 2 shooting modes:
——Drag to Shootallows you to change your aim during ball launch for greater control!
——Drag to Aimallows precise aiming and people who are used to the classic mode

– Закінчено 5000 Hand-Crafted 3D Levels
Powerful Explosives on top of bricks that create a devastating explosion when hit (Fireworks, Bombs, Rockets, etc.)
Unique floor blaster tiles that fires when triggers (horizontal/vertical blasters, lighting blasters, etc.)
Three different types of power crystals, each activate a unique type of power shot when all collected
Factory Blocks, that makes more brick after each turn. Break them before it’s too late!
Portals that can transport balls to a different location
Helper Tiles that splits balls, bounces balls up, і набагато більше!
Activate 5 unique and powerful Abilities during time of needs!
Collect Gems, Keys along the way to unlock extra rewards!
Customize game play with 100 different themes, та 100 different balls

SPECIAL: Unique Collapsible Levels, where bricks tumble down with real-world physics! Beat them to unlock a bonus reward!

Many thanks to our players, and hope you enjoy this game! If you have any questions or suggestions. Please let us know!
This is the Super Brick vs Ball Game on the planet. Super Balls. Get it today and let the fun begin!